Lincoln Residential Lettings
Lincoln Residential Lettings

Before applying

Before you apply for a property we urge you to:


  1. Read all the Terms & Conditions on the Application form, which can be downloaded here.
  2. Read the following information (as it's VERY IMPORTANT)

Can you afford the property?

You need to ensure you can afford the rent, in addition to your other living costs including utility bills, council tax and groceries etc. Here is an affordability guide to help.


Holding Deposit

To secure the property you will be required to pay a Holding Deposit equal to 1 week's rent. This will form part of your 1st month's rent and will be added to the balance of the first month's rent, which will need to be paid at least 5 days before tenancy starts (along with your deposit).

Note: The holding fee is not refundable should your application fail due to incorrect application details. See Tenant fees for more details.


Tenancy/Security Deposit

You will also need to provide a Tenancy/Security Deposit from which the landlord can claim should you damage the landlord's property or not pay the rent. The deposit will be equivalant to 5 week's rent and is held in our account with the DPS (a secure custodial scheme) and is normally refunded at the end of tenancy providing all rents have been paid and the property is returned in the same condition.

Right to Rent Checks

The law now requires us to perform Right to Rent checks at the start of every tenancy, so before your tenancy starts you will need to bring in proof of identification and residence. The following documents will be acceptable, and MUST be ORIGINALS.

  1. Photo identification, including passport (&/or visa), driver licence. See Right to Rent.
  2. Proof of current address, includes utility, mobile phone or council tax bills (must be dated within last 3 months).
  3. Copies of last 3 months bank statements, the referencing company may insist we obtain this.

Tenant Liability Insurance

All tenants must have insurance that protects the landlord’s property in the event of accidental damage caused during the period of tenancy. A Tenancy cannot start until Tenant’s Liability Insurance is in force. Typically, TLI costs approx £5 per month and as part of the application process we will ask an Insurance Company to provide a suitable no obligation quotation for you. You are free to choose your own provider should you wish, however we will require a copy of your TLI policy before the Tenancy can begin to ensure that it provides sufficient cover for the landlord's items. More details.

What if you have a bad credit history or low income?

It may still be possible for you to rent a property if you have bad credit history or low income but this depends on your situation. You will most likely require a guarantor though, who will need to demonstrate they can afford the rent should you fail to pay. Please see affordability chart for details. We recommended you contact us personally to discuss your personal situation.


Universal Credit/Housing Benefit

If the landlord is happy to consider housing benefit then the details will say so. Sometimes it is the landlord's mortgage lender or insurance company that will not consider housing benefit. However, please note before applying that the referencing company will not be able to accept housing benefit as confirmed income, so you would require a suitable guarantor if your earnings are not sufficient.


Zero hour contracts

Please be aware that the referencing company will NOT be able to accept you (or your guarantor) based on a 'zero hour' or 'non guaranteed hours' contract alone. This is because they cannot verify the regular income to the landlord, so you/your guarantor will need to demonstrate a regular, reliable income. If you don't have another source of revenue then if the landlords agrees you may be able to pay 6 months rent in advance, or alternatively the landlord may agree to a guarantor. If you have any doubts about your situation then you could call the referencing company (Van Mildert on 0191 256 0920) to discuss your personal circumstances before applying for a property.


A guarantor is someone prepared to accept liability for the property and pay the rent should you default. A guarantor must:

  1. Be over the age of 25
  2. Have lived in the UK for a minimum of 3 years
  3. Be able to prove an annual income of over 3½ times the annual rent (see afordability guide)
  4. Other restrictions may apply & all guarantors must be fully referenced to be accepted

What if I have paid my rent late in the past?

Please note that the referencing company will ask your previous landlord/s if you have ever been late paying your rent, even by one day. If you have (even by one day) then the referencing company may not be able to pass you and could recommend to the new landlord that they cannot consider you a suitable risk. In this instance the only opition may be to offer the landlord 6 months rent in advance in addition to a guarantor, if the landlord agrees to this option.


If a landlord is prepared to consider a pet then it will state in the details. If you have a pet then please do not try to rent a property where the landlord has stated no pets, as the landlord is very likely to find out and will consider that you have breached your tenancy agreement and may wish to terminate the tenancy.

If a pet is permitted by the landlord then the rent will be increased slightly to compensate the landlord and cover additional costs. Where a pet is permitted we will provide each pet with a Pet License. Terms apply, please see pet license for details. We recommend that you always check with us before applying.


Please be aware that most easilett tenancies have 'professionally' cleaned ovens, hob (or cooker), extractors and carpets. Where this is the case then tenants will be required to return these items  to a 'professionally' cleaned condition. If you have not professionally cleaned the ovens & carpets when you hand back the property, and the cleaning is not to a 'professional; standard (if it was at the start) then the cost of professional cleaning may be claimed from your deposit for this. Please see easilett approved contractor if you wish to instruct cleaners that we use. Copy invoices may be required.


Most of our properties are unfurnished, but please note the details of the property in which you are interested. If it includes furniture then it will say so. Ovens are usually provided. Please note that any appliances that landlords provide may not be replaced in the event of breakdown.

Non UK citizen

If you have not lived in the UK for more than 3 years you will be required to provide a guarantor. If you are from outside the European Union you will need to provide your Visa as evidence that you are legally permitted to reside in the UK. It is always recommended you contact us directly to discuss your situation.


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