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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few frequently asked questions.


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  1. How do I reserve the property I would like to take?
    Simply contact us then complete a Tenancy Application Form.
  2. When can I move in?
    Once the credit checks & references have been completed to the landlord's satisfaction and a tenancy start date has been agreed.
  3. What references do I need to provide?
    Your application form will request details of your current employer, current/previous landlord and guarantor (if applicable). The independent referencing company will contact these people for references.
  4. What ID will I need?
    You will be required to produce two forms of ID, which should be an original passport or driving licence, plus one other original form of ID linking you to your address, such as a bank statement, utility, phone or council tax bill dated within the last 6 months.
  5. What if I have CCJs?
    If your credit history isn't perfect then you should tell us asap, as this may not necessarily prevent you from renting a property but you may need a guarantor.
  6. What is the referencing process?
    This is a search that confirms your employment and salary status, performs a bankruptcy and county court judgment search, undertakes various ID checks and obtains previous landlord/agent references. We use an independent tenant referencing company and providing you have given us all the necessary information then the referencing is usually complete within 1-3 working days.
  7. What is the Application process?
    See the application process here.
  8. How much do I need to pay?
    Details here>
  9. What if I am self-employed?
    No problem. If you are self-employed just put your accountant and bank details on the application form and the referencing company will take it from there. You usually need to provide three year's accounts but if this is not possible then other references, and possibly a guarantor, could secure your tenancy. We will liaise with the landlord on individual cases.

  10. Can I rent if I am a student?
    It is possible to secure a property if you're a student, and some landlords let their property to mature or post-graduate students. You will need a parent, relative or close friend to guarantee the rent, known as a guarantor, and adherence to the Terms & Conditions of the Agreement.

  11. What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme?
    The law now prevents landlords from keeping deposit money paid to them by tenants, and requires the money to be held by an independant organisation. There are various schemes but Easilett is registered with the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme).

    We send all deposits to the DPS and provide you and your landlord with a unique ID. At the end of your tenancy, if you and the landlord agree how the deposit should be repaid, the DPS will pay out the money as agreed. The scheme will pay the money directly into the nominated bank accounts within 10 days of being notified. Visit DPS website for full details.

  12. How does the Inventory process work?
    For better accuracy we now use Digital inventories. See Inventory process for details.

  13. When and how do I pay my Rent?
    Your first month's rent will include your property/security deposit. Future rents will be collected by standing order direct from your chosen bank account. As rents generally need to be paid and cleared by the 1st of each month the standing orders are often dated on the 28th, which ensures you your bank has enough time to pay your rent on time.

  14. What if there's a dispute about deposit?
    In the event of a dispute, easilett will attempt to arbitrate for 10 days (if we managed the tenancy) after which time if a satisfactory resolution between both parties has not been agreed the dispute will be referred to the Dispute Service for independent arbitration and they will decide how the money should be divided. The scheme will hold the disputed amount until the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service or the court decide what is fair. The scheme will then divide and return the disputed amount based on the ADR service’s or court’s decision. Visit DPS website for full details.

  15. What if I mislaid/lost my DPS Deposit ID
    If your tenancy was managed by easilett then we will have sent your deposit to the DPS. Once we have agreed the condition of the property when you vacate we will contact the DPS to inform them of the deposit return arrangements. The DPS will then contact you inviting you to log in. Once you have the DPS will be able to return your deposit according to the repayment request.

  16. Does easilett arrange company lets?
    We ask companies seeking properties for their staff to provide references from their bank, chartered accountant and solicitor.

    We have landlords who are willing to let their properties to companies who may be looking for properties to accomodate their staff.

  17. Can my landlord enter the property to inspect the condition and how I'm looking after it?
    Yes, your landlord (or agent) has the right to enter the property to inspect it, however, you should be given at least 24 hours notice.
    If we manage the property then we will make periodic visits on your landlord's behalf.

  18. What if repairs are needed?
    It is your total responsibility to report any repairs that are needed as soon as you become aware of it.

    easilett Managed property
    If easilett is managing the property then you must report all faults/repairs to us immediately.

    Landlord Managed property
    If we are not managing the tenancy then you must report directly to your landlord asap.

  19. Who pays the utility bills?
    Unless otherwise stated you are responsible for paying all utility bills during your tenancy. You will normally be responsible for telephone, broadband, electricity, gas, water rates, Council Tax, cable, sky, and TV license bills.

    During check-in, meter readings will be taken and you will be advised of the relevant utility provider. We will advise the companies that you have moved in (and meter readings), as well as the council, and they will contact you regarding a new account.

    Have you considered one provider and just one bill for all utilities? more>

  20. What happens about insurance?
    You will need to set up your own contents insurance, however it is your landlord's responsibility to provide insurance for the building itself. If you wish you can get a quote for content insurance here but there are countless companies you could choose from.

  21. Can I decorate the property?
    Landlords often don't mind providing you obtain permission first and provide information of colors etc. However, we strongly advise that you DO NOT decorate without having first obtained WRITTEN permission first. We provide a Decoration license to our tenants, which helps prevent any missunderstanding later on and lessens the chance of the landlord claiming deductions from your deposit. You can visit Ask your Landlord and download a Decoration Request Form from our website.

  22. Will I need a guarantor?
    In certain circumstances you may be asked to support your application with a guarantor. This might be if your referencing did not meet the required standard but the landlord is happy to let the property to you with a suitable guarantor.

  23. How long does the tenancy last?
    The minimum term is 6 months for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. After this period, the tenancy can be extended on a rolling month on month basis usually referred to as 'Periodic' until either you or the landlord give notice to end the tenancy. Or it can  be extended for a further fixed period.

  24. What happens once my credit checks/references have cleared?
    When the references are all back and satisfactory we will agree a move in date then prepare the property and documents for you. We will communicate with you via email, send draft documents for you to read in time before signing. Finally, the deposit and first month's rent will need to be paid in cleared funds before the tenancy start date.

  25. What happens on check in day?
    We will arrange an appointment time for you to visit our office to sign all the relevant documents, talk through our processes and a little about the Property and collect the keys. This usually takes approx 30-40 mins so please allow enough time. If you have not already provided your Passport, ID and other documents then we will need them before we can release the keys, as this is now a legal requirement.

  26. Can I extend/renew my tenancy when it is coming to the end of the fixed term?
    Yes, provided the landlord is agreeable and the new terms proposed by the landlord are acceptable to you. You will be charged a fee for this amendment.

  27. How often do you inspect properties?
    If we are managing the property, we aim to carry out a visible inspection of the property every 3 to 6 months and send a written report to you and the Landlord.

  28. Can I have a pet?
    This depends on the landlord. Some may consider a pet and some may not. The landlord's decision is usually stated on the marketing details, however if a landlord accepts a pet the rent is likely to be slightly higher. If your landlord does not provide 'WRITTEN' consent then you must not introduce a pet to the property as you would then be in breach of your tenancy agreement, which may then be terminated and may affect your deposit. Always wait for 'written consent first. You can apply for a pet license here.
  29. What if I need to change my name?
    If you need to change your name simply email us at info@easilett and request a Name Change Form. We will email this to you and you will need to complete, sign and return the form to us - including a copy of your Deed of name change, or marriage certificate etc. We will then be able to check the details, signature and documents to change your name on the account held with us.
  30. How do I end my tenancy?
    The law surrounding the ending of a tenancy is quite simple providing the correct timescales and procedures are followed, along with the use of the correct format of notice. It is recommended that you end your agreement properly if you want to leave. If you don't you may still be liable to pay rent, even after you've moved out.

    To end your tenancy you just need to give written notice to the landlord (or to us if we are managing the tenancy). You cannot end the agreement early if you have signed a tenancy for a fixed period. The agreement must run for a minimum period of six months.

    Once your fixed term has expired you can give one FULL month's notice, which must be given (in writing) before a rent day. Eg: If your rent day is the 15th of the month, then you must ensure your notice is handed in BEFORE the 15th. This ensures you provide ONE FULL MONTH'S notice. If your rent day is 1st, and you provide notice on say 10th, then your notice period won't start until the 1st of the next month.

    If your landlord wishes to cancel the agreement after the fixed period, they must give a minimum of two months notice in writing. If you wish to give notice, you must give a minimum of one month's notice in writing.
  31. Can I surrender my Tenancy to a co tenant?
    This can occasionally happen, where partners split up and one tenant wishes to leave. Firstly, please remember that all persons on the Tenancy Agreement are legally bound by the Agreement terms, so you will still be responsible for the rent and property. You can request to be released by submitting the Tenancy Surrender Form. Please call for more details or the form. 
  32. What if I find black mould in my home?
    No matter how small the patch of mould this could potentially become serious rather quickly. 
    See Black mould.

  33. What if I loose my keys?
    You are responsible for looking after the keys to the property, and keeping it secure. If you loose the keys then you would be responsible for the locksmith costs. easilett does NOT provide a lost key service to tenants. You would need to call out a locksmith to resolve the issue.

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