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Lincoln Residential Lettings

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Easilett is a small and friendly business, able to offer you a personal service so you'll always know who your dealing with.


We do our best to make it easy for you.


See our application process and what happens when you apply for a property.

Maintenance help

How to get help if you have an issue during your tenancy...

Tenancy tips

How to enjoy a successful and trouble-free tenancy...

During your tenancy

Tips for a smooth and trouble-free tenancy...

How to pay

Details of how to pay tenant fees or rent


How to request permission for a pet.

How to rent

Useful tips and checklist brochure

A useful government guide to help you rent a home successfully. Includes helpful checklist.

Broadband / TV / Phone: book it here!

Want Virgin in your new home?

FREE connection PLUS competitive 50MB Broadband and Phone deal for only £27 per month, with an exclusive upgrade to VIVID 100 Broadband for only £3 extra.

Moving on?

Tips for a smooth end of tenancy...

We want you to have a trouble-free end of tenancy, so here are some tips to help ensure a full deposit return...


Accidents - Fire - Flood - Don't risk it - insure!

Don't be sorry later on, insure immediately. You are responsible for insuring the contents of the landlord's property, and for accidents that may happen whilt you live there.


Don't think it can't happen to you. We know of two different house fires in the past few months both accidentially started by the tenants' children. So whatever you do, or don't do, be sure to insure the contents of the property you rent - it's Your Responsibility and it costs less than you think. Accidents happen every day - don't risk it. More...




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