Lincoln Residential Lettings
Lincoln Residential Lettings

During your tenancy

We genuinely want all of our tenants to enjoy their tenancies. We will certainly do all we can to help that along, but please remember we are only the agent, we do not own the property so we take our instruction from the landlord. Issues cause us so much work so it makes sense for us to do all we can to help tenancies run smoothly, and luckily, most of our tenancies are smooth and do end happily.


How to help your tenancy to run smoothly and end happily:

Looking after the property you rent, ensuring you adhere to the terms of your Tenancy Agreement and paying your rent on time will help you to enjoy a smooth and trouble-free tenancy which will hopefully end without any claims being made against your depost.


The following tips are worth considering:

1. Pay your rent regularly and on time
We will provide you with a Standing Order to give to your bank for your regular monthly rent payments. You should give this to your bank immediately, or set up standing order online straight away.
2. Pay your bills
During your tenancy you will be responsible for all utility bills (gas, electricity, water, telephone etc.) and your Council Tax.
3. Be sure to insure
You are responsible for contents insurance. See for more details.

4. Look after the property
You will be responsible for looking after the property for the duration of your tenancy. This includes informing us (or your landlord if non managed) of any maintainence or repairs that you notice. Also, you must keep the gardens maintained and in good order at all times.


Mould: Common issue. Stay mould-free:
Please read this info!


Hanging pictures: If you use hooks then remember you will need to make good and re-paint when you leave. An alternative is to use a product by 3M called Command picture strips, which claim to remove when needed with no damage. See video here.


5. Request permission to keep a pet

You MUST obtain 'written' consent to be able to introduce a pet to the property. If you don't then you will be in breach of your tenancy agreement. You can request a pet license here.


6. Periodic visits

If easilett manages your property then we will be visiting the property periodically to check that all is well at the property and that you are happy. We will notify you in advance of these visits and hope you are able to meet with us. Don't worry if you can't, we will send a report to both you and the landlords shortly afterwards.


7. When your tenancy ends
When your tenancy ends your landlord (or easilett if the property is fully managed) will meet you on the day you leave to inspect the property and take meter readings. This will compare the inventory created when you first occupied the property with the condition of the when you vacate. Any repairs or delapidations caused by you during your tenancy (over and above normal wear and tear) will be charged to you. You will be required to complete a short form at the end of your tenancy, found here.




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