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Welcome to easilett,Lincoln Residential Lettings


Firstly, you MUST have written permission from your landlord (or easilett) before you can introduce a pet to the property. This includes visiting pets. You'd be in breach of your Tenancy Agreement without written permission.


Each permitted pet will be provided with a Pet License. Only 1 fee is applicable per household regardless of number of pets allowed.

How to apply for a Pet License

To apply for a Pet License so you can introduce a pet to your home, simply complete the form below. (Please see the terms to which you need to agree at bottom of this page). Do NOT introduce a pet until you have your landlord has agreed and we have provided your pet license.


If you don't know the animal yet

You do need to complete this even if you don't yet know the pet. Simply insert 'not yet known' in the name box.


What happens next?

Once we receive the details of the pet you would like to keep we will contact your landlord for written permission. If your landlord approves the request we will request the  agreed non refundable Pet Payment from you, and once this is paid we'll send you your Pet License. Please Note: You CANNOT introduce the pet until this process is complete and you have received your license.


Pet License fee

The pet license fee is payable before we produce your license. This cost covers our time to negociate with the landlord for a pet, our administration, generating the license and the cost of a chemical treatment at the property after you leave and have had the carpets professionally cleaned. Please note: by applying for a Pet License you agree to have the carpets in the property 'professionally' cleaned at the end of your tenancy by an easilett approved contractor. You must pay for this and you need to provide the invoice to us so we can prove to the next tenant (and landlord) the carpets were cleaned properly after you vacated. If you don't provide an invoice for this cleaning then you agree to the cost of the carpet cleaning to be deducted from your deposit. This will be included in your original Tenancy Agreement. The fee is usually IRO £120 to £200 (depending upon size of property) and the good news is it's per property (not per pet).


Once you have vacated and have had the carpets professionally cleaned (by an easilett approved contractor) we wil arrange a pet treatment to be carried out before the next occupants take possession.

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Pet Licence request form (see terms & conditions below)

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Pet License terms to which you need to agree:


I/we fully understand the terms of this document and completely agree to comply with the following conditions:

  1. I/we agree that this agreement is only for the specific pets described above and I/we will not harbour, substitute or "pet sit" any other pet without obtaining a further Pet Licence, and we will remove any pet offspring within 30 days of birth (should this occur).

  2. I/we agree to keep the entire property clean and free from animal waste, droppings or smells, including front/rear gardens (if applicable) for the duration of the Tenancy and to return in clean condition.

  3. I/we agree to pay the landlord for any damage/issues caused to any part of the Property by or as a result of my/our pet/s, including badly soiled grass and/or soiled/smelly carpets, or if funds are not available/paid via my/our deposit, of if the issue is discovered within 2 weeks of tenancy end

  4. I/we agree that my/our deposit return will be processed after 14 days of checkout inspection or within the set 30 day period, to ensure there are no remaining issues discovered after the checkout visit relating to my/our pet.

  5. I/we agree that, in the event of any fleas being present as a result of the pet/s, I/we will pay for flea fumigation of the property after the end of tenancy, or agree to the cost being deducted from our deposit (if applicable) if a paid Pet Licence has not been paid, or if insufficient fee paid to cover the treatment/s.

  6. I/we agree that my/our pet/s will not prevent the Landlord or Landlord/s Agents/Representatives access to the Property at any time during the tenancy, providing the required 24 hour notice has been provided.

  7. I/we agree to abide by all local, city or state laws, licensing and health requirements regarding pets, including vaccinations.

  8. I/we agree not to allow the pet to cause any sort of nuisance or disturbance to neighbours, including noise day or night and agree to do whatever is necessary to keep our pet from making noise that would annoy others, and will take steps to immediately rectify any complaints made by neighbours or other tenants.

  9. I/we agree not to allow pets to foul inside the property, except for caged pets and pets trained to use a litter tray. Any pet faeces must be removed immediately from the garden or outside areas and disposed of safely and hygienically. I/We will pay for any damage caused.

  10. I/we agree to pay for the carpets of the Property to be ‘professionally’ cleaned at end of Tenancy or agree to the cost being deducted from my/our deposit.

  11. I/We agree that in the event of pet hairs being found in the Property at the end of my/our tenancy, to pay for further professional cleaning until the property is property clean, or to have the cost claimed from my/our deposit.

  12. I/we understand that the landlord may withdraw pet permission at any time at his discretion, and that I/we may need to remove the pet from the premises should that happen.


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